Staff Achievements

 Cameron Bates was chosen as Employee of the Year for 2016! Employee of the Year is the only award that is chosen by the whole staff. Everyone got to cast a vote, and Cameron was our winner. Congratulations to Cameron on his achievement. We all agree, Cameron is a genuinely dedicated staff member. He brings a positive energy to the dealership every day, and he makes work an exciting and enjoyable place to be.
 A huge congratulations to our very own Tracey Jennett! Tracey received an award for Highest Overall Achievement in his First Year Automotive Service Technician course in January 2017! Tracey was awarded because he was top of his class out of all of the First Year students. We're so proud of Tracey's achievements, and even more proud to have him as part of our team!
  Congratulations to Tom Gutka on his 25 years of service, awarded in 2016. Tom is the best Transmission Specialist in town, and we're very proud to have him working in our shop!
  Warren Town was awarded Riverside Salesperson of the Year in 2016. Warren has years of experience behind him, and has been a part of the Riverside Family for over 10 years. This award is definitely well-deserved. Congratulations, Warren!
  Lance earned the Riverside Mechanic of the Year award for 2016. Lance is a very knowledgeable and skilled Journeyman mechanic. We are truly lucky to have him in our shop
Congratulations to Morgan on winning the 2016 Riverside Customer Service award. Morgan makes every customer feel like part of the Riverside family when they walk in the door. She always wants to go out of her way to provide a pleasant customer experience.
  Devon Kolosa was awarded the 2016 Leadership Award. Devon is our Shop Foreman, and he is certainly a leader, not only in the shop, but throughout the dealership. As a long-time Riverside employee, Devon has plenty of knowledge and technical skill in his trade.
  Congratulations to Ty on winning the 2016 Riverside Rookie of the Year Award. Ty is a very valuable and successful member of our Sales Team. His driven attitude and welcoming demeanor earned him this award in his first year of employment with Riverside.
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