Riverside Staff

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  • Trent Hargrave
    Partner/General Manager

    Trent has worked at Riverside Dodge since 2004, working sales and management until becoming the co-owner in 2015 with his business partner Joe Weinrich!

  • Joe Weinrich
    Partner/Director of Operations

    Joe Weinrich is our director of operations and has been the co-owner of Riverside Dodge since 2015!

  • Cameron Bates

    Cameron has worked at the Riverside Dodge for eight years, starting at reception and working his way up to the position of C.F.O. and controller!

  • Devon Kolosa
    Fixed Operations Manager

    Having been a part of the Riverside Family for over twenty years, first as a technician and now as our Fixed Operations Manager, Devon brings a lifetime of service experience and knowledge to the industry.

  • Ty Moe
    Sales Manager

    Ty has been a part of the Riverside Dodge family as a salesman for 2 years, and was promoted to our Sales Manager in March of 2018.

  • Floyd Musgrave
    Finance Manager

    Floyd is the manager of our finance department, ensuring each sales customer is getting the best finance options possible!

  • Jacquelyn Janzen
    Service Manager

    As our newest addition to our management team, it's Jacquelyn's job to make sure you are properly informed and taken care of when your vehicle drives into our shop, but she will always go the extra mile just to make your service the best it can be.

  • Murray Shand
    Parts Manager

    Murray was born and raised in Halifax, NS and later in life moved to Prince Albert to be closer to family. Prior to his time at Riverside, Murray earned ASE Certification as a Parts Specialist from Fanshawe College of London, ON. 

    When he's not at work, you'll find Murray enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, restoring cars, or rebuilding crash-recovered motorcycles! 

    FUN FACT: Murray owns 3 RESCUE DOGS! Their names are Sam, Ed, and Chad! 

  • Shawn Hagley
    Lot Manager

    Shawn is in charge of all of our vehicles on the lot and when we have a bitterly cold winter, Shawn keeps things running smooth--coming in early just to shovel the parking lot.

  • Morgan Bell
    Assistant Sales Manager

    Morgan works to understand the needs of every individual who comes in, and then matches that person to their perfect vehicle.

  • Fern Allary
    Product Specialist

    As a product specialist at Riverside Dodge, Fern goes beyond expectations getting customers what they want, always making sure they get their perfect vehicle.

  • Lonnie Martin
    Product Specialist

    As a member of our sales team, there is nothing Lonnie enjoys more than seeing our clients in their dream vehicles.

  • Tammy Peterson
    Warranty Administrator

    Tammy has been working behind the scenes as our warranty administrator since late 2017, ensuring that your service warranty is properly applied and covered, saving you the hassle and the stress!

  • Ben Smith
    Shuttle Driver & Lot Attendent

    When our service customers have somewhere to be, but don't have a way to get there, our shuttle driver, Ben, will always be there in a flash to make sure our customers get there safe and in a timely fashion!

  • Tom Gutka
    Service Technician

    Tom has over 20 years in the service industry and is the best transmission specialist around, bringing the best results if your car lands in his bay.

  • Ty Impey
    Apprentice Auto Service Technician

    If you want something done, Ty Impey is your Service Technician. In the past five months Ty has put in over 200 hours a month--three times! 

  • Brandon Vallee
    Lube & Tire Technician

    Say hello to one of the new faces in the shop! Brandon is one of our lube and tire technicians bringing even more knowledge and dedicated work to Riverside Dodge!

  • Mallory Caisse
    Apprentice Technician

    Mallory is one of our newest apprentice technicians having moved up from working in the wash bay.