The Jeep Cherokee Packs Impressive Safety Features

You can't miss the Jeep Cherokee when it travels down the road. The stylish look commands attention, and the many performance features contribute to its popularity. Sometimes, however, it is the things you don't immediately see that can be most valuable. The Cherokee's safety features aren't immediately visible to onlookers, but those features contribute a lot of value.

The Cherokee comes with a multitude of parking technology. The rearview camera takes some anxiety out of backing up, and rear, perpendicular, and parallel park assist technology might cut down on close calls and collisions. Do your part by driving safely when parking.

Collisions do happen even with the best and safest drivers. Take solace that the Cherokee comes with a heavy-duty steel frame. The presence of added airbags helps, too.

See how safe you feel behind the wheel of the Jeep Cherokee. Visit us at Riverside Dodge Chrysler Jeep, and take a Cherokee out for a test drive.


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